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1Polyester Dome Tactile Switch
This kind of products provide switch users with keypad that has strong, uniform tactile feel and a choice of standard or high temperature performance at an affordable price. And the combination of in-house manufacturing and design means shorter lead times.

System Features and Benefits:
Dual Purpose- the dome helps the user identify the key location and provides tactile feedback.
Consistency- thanks to our in house designed and manufactured equipment, we can produce a consistent dome from keypad to keypad and order to order.
Withstands High Temperature- because we use a proprietary forming process developed in-house, the polyester is molecularly reshaped into the geometry of the dome, thus the memory of the plastic sheet is in the geometry of the dome.
Crisp Tactile Feel- due to the process and the dome geometries developed, we can ensure a firm snap throughout the specified life of the switch.
Reliability- tested beyond 1 million actuations.
Design Flexibility- We can custom design our dome to meet any of our customers requirements . And additional domes on a given part can be added with little or no increase to the piece price.

System Specifications:
Life Cycles: >2,000,000
Operating Force (see chart below)
Switch Thickness: .025 - .050 Typ.
Switch Travel: .025 - .037 Typ.
                         STD TEMP DOME      HIGH TEMP DOME
        Storage         -40C to 65C        -40C to 85C
        Operating       -40C to 65C        -40C to 70C
Electrical Characteristics (Switch Circuit)
Contact Resistance: varies proportionately with part size, typically 100 ohms or less. Resistance values are typical through the life of the switch.
Open Circuit Resistance: 5x106 ohms minimum.
Contact Rating: 30 DVC maximum,100mA maximum, 1 watt maximum
Contact Bounce: 10ms nominal, 20ms maximum at 2,000,000 activation cycles.

The material used in each case is polyester. Polycarbonate is not recommended because of its limited life cyclability.
Data is based on the use of a printed texture on the faceplate surface. This adds about .001 to the thickness of the graphics layer. If no texture is used, you can expect a slight decrease to the nominal force.
Actuation force measurements for round domes are based on standard ASTM test methods. A flat tipped nylon actuator that is half the dome diameter is used to measure force.
For actuation forces on oval domes .600 in length and below, force is measured with a flat tipped nylon actuator that is half the dome width. For ovals greater that .600 length, force is measured with a .250'' diameter nylon tip.

2Metal Dome Tactile switch
Using these domes offers the following advantages:
Switch constructions that eliminate the top layer of the membrane switch
Stable forces
Excellent tactile feel
Very long life cycles; in excess of one million actuations
Contact Domes Available
The 12.2 mm and 8.4 mm domes as illustrated below:

220g Force
280g Force
340g Force12.2 mm

220g Force
280g Force8.4 mm

Typical Switch Construction

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