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Quality Marks
Production ability
Panel printing ability maximum to 30colors
    O/S test and 100% function test and with factory warranty
    Components processing includes: housing, crimped pins, SMT LEDs
    Membrane for keyboard is durable at least 10 million times
    Print tolerance: +/-0.15mm
    Minimum print band: 0.20mm
Equipment for Membrane circuit
10 Circuit printing assemblies
10 Decorative panel assemblies
20 Punches
8  Ultrasonic facilities
2  SMT IR-Reflux UV assembly
8  Automatic Punches
and etc
Membranes-Quality control set
12 Open/Short-circuit testing machine
10 Functional testing machine
Surroundings testing set
Colour Quality control system
Force testing set
Insulator testing machine
Life testing machine

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