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quality control

Quality control is a process which monitor product manufacture, prevent all of the unqualified factors during production process,so that obtain quality requirement and achieve business benefit.
Quality control mainly refer to the internal production management for a company, the purpose is that reach and keep quality management to do the control.
1.Meet the uniform quality standard by quality mind; The purpose of impoving staffs quality mind.

Each product has separate <<Product Process Control>>, it defined each production data and inspection item, to make sure the uniform quality standard.
Trainning rate of quality mind for staff is 100%.
Quality trainning is a important basic work in quality management .Improve staffs quality mind by trainning and make sure that they could use method and skills of quality management ,set up a mind of "Quality first", quality improving is very importany for company even country, realize presonal responsibility for quanlity improving and improve management and skill level include working efficiency, to reach the purpose which all pepole can be joined in quality management. 

2.Strict Quality Management

Performming incoming material inspection strictly, all material need to be qualified baed on RoHs compliance.
The quality control potint og each process need have quality tracking paper.
Each product has detailed internal record file from first process to final product, it can be tracked the responsible person and cause easily whatever the product ship to where.

3.Set up QCC quality group based on production status, to reach the purpose of quality improving.
We have achieved many good improved .effect by QCC quality group activity, such as the the monthly defective rate have been improved from 500PPM to 350PPM

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