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Membrane Switches

Membrane switch

Membrane switch:
Membrane switch, Graphic overlay, as a new operating system for electronic machine combining with decorative and functionality, has become a popular product in the market for the last decade. It integrates switch key, functional word, marker, trademark, transparent window and display functions and has been widely used in intelligent electronic measuring instrument, medical instrument, computer control, CNC machine, electronic weighing machine, post & telecommunication, copier, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric fan, washing machine, electronic game, and other industrial and household appliance.

1. Electrical Properties:
    Electrical Level: 35V(DC), 100mA,1W
    Contact Resistance: 10~500
    Insulation Impedance: 100M/100V
    Dielectrics Voltage-resistance: 250VRms50~60Hz 1min
    Chattering Time: 5ms
    Life Expectance: Planar type 5,000,000; Tactility type 1,000,000
2. Mechanical Properties:
    Operating Force: Planar type 57~284g(2~10oz); Tactility type 170~397g(6~14oz)
    Switch Stroke: Planar type 0.1~0.5mm; Tactility type 0.6~1.5mm
3. Environmental and Storage Conditions:
    Operation Temperature: -40C ~ +80C, Storage Temperature-40C ~ +70C
    Humidity: 40C, 90%~95%, 240hr.Vibration20G, max


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